Kia Motors to develop standard platform for next-generation military vehicles

Carries out advanced research to use new technologies to army vehicles, including autonomous driving, EV platform and hydrogen fuel cell technologies; aims to expand PBV business with learnings from defence projects


KiaKia Motors has accelerated development of defence vehicles with new army standard platform. The company has spelled out its plans for the development of a new standard platform for next-gen military vehicles.

This, Kia believes, strengthens the company’s capabilities in future military projects. Kia, which stepped into India in 2017, said it plans to start making prototypes of mid-sized standard vehicles within 2020 and take the test evaluations by the Korean government next year.

From 2024…

Kia’s goal is military deployment from 2024, following standardization and initial production tests.

The project is the result of joint investment by the Korean military and Kia Motors. The large-scale program will see the replacement of 2.5-ton and 5-ton military standard vehicles currently in operation, and the development of new 5-ton bulletproof vehicles.

The vehicles will be equipped with many latest commercial technologies, including automatic transmission systems, ABS, high-torque 7.0-liter diesel engines and Anti-Spin Regulator (ASR), Rear Parking Assist, satellite navigation, Around View Monitor and hot wire seats.

The company hopes its modular approach to manufacture new vehicles on the platform will enable the development of other derivatives in future, including vehicles equipped with a range of weapons systems, and those designed with more specialized specifications and technologies.

Kia is also exploring the potential for hydrogen fuel cell technology across diverse military applications, including fuel cell vehicles and emergency power generators. Fuel cell technology is considered suitable for future military vehicles as it can supply large amounts of electricity in combat environments.

Kia has rolled out a range of vehicles for the Korean and overseas military, including 0.25-, 1.25-, 2.5- and 5-ton vehicles. To-date, Kia has supplied nine model types and 100 derivatives, and produced a total of 140,000 military vehicles.

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