About Us

Automotive Lead is a monthly magazine in the auto B2B news sector. Keeping an eye on latest technologies worldwide, the magazine predominately covers the developments in the Indian auto sector. The strength of the magazine is proven one as it comes from a popular and well established Indian auto news portal AutomotiveIndiaNews.com

The monthly magazine has media partnerships with more than 20 domestic and international events related to auto and allied sectors. It delivers exclusive news on the Indian and global automotive industry. Our news coverage span across latest auto technologies, auto components, vehicle manufacturing, aftermarket, shop floor practice, raw material &  supply chain management, sales & marketing, garage equipments and other latest trends in the auto segment.

Our Team :

Automotive Lead houses a strong editorial team comprising experienced journalists from business journalism and automobile industry.

Editor : Jaishankar Jayaramiah

Jaishankar Jayaramiah is a well-known India-based award-winning international Journalist and columnist, who is familiar for his multi-subject expertise, especially in business Journalism. Many of his write-ups remained as game changers in the Indian trade industry while also guiding the government to chalk out its policies. An Engineer-turned Journalist Jayaramiah has worked for Autocar Professional, Automotive World , The Financial Express, The New Indian Express among others before heading the Editorial team in Automotive Lead magazine. He is also incharge for the sister concern auto news portal – Automotive India News.  Jayaramiah has extensively traveled across India , writing on multiple subjects and also visited countries like Japan,, Germany, Italy, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc.  Don’t wonder if you find a story on coffee or agriculture or even on politics when you Google his details as he has written on almost all subjects during his 20-year journey so far in Journalism. While keeping automotive as main beat all along his career, he has also covered all other verticals under Old & New Economy. For the past few years, he has been focusing only on B2B Automotive niche. Personally he likes to write more on the government policies; international trends related to automotive industry and new auto technologies.

Mail : automotiveleadnews@gmail.com

Twitter : Journalist_Jai

Facebook : jaishankar.jayaramiah

Associate Editor : Anitha

A seasoned Journalist with around 10 years work experience with India’s top media house “The New Indian Express”, Anitha is interested in writing all aspects of automobile industry. Her qualification MSc (Industrial-Psychology) helps her to deeply analyse the auto manufacturing industry.

Mail : anitha.jmc@gmail.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/anitha.vijayakumar.165

Environment and Technology Reporter : Devvyaani Jaishankar

Devvyaani, who has much interest in green technologies, feels happy when she writes on clean energy part of the automotive sector. She is also equally interested in writing on autonomous car related technology developments.

Photographer / Correspondent: Sthamba Kalyani

Sthamba Kalyani has a passion for photography and also for writing on the automotive field. Her photography skill is well acknowledged by the industry leaders.

Correspondent (U.S.A) : Anusha Ramesh

Based in New Jersey in the US, Anusha writes on the latest technology in the automotive sector and developments in the European / North American markets

Legal Adviser : J Chandra Chudeswaran, B.A., LLB