Green Hills Software adopts 2 new standards for automotive cybersecurity

International regulations ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29 to supplement its products and processes, these will help manufacturers to design and deploy purpose-built, secure, software-defined systems in connected vehicles


Green Hills

Green Hills Software said it has adopted two new international security regulations and standards for automotive cybersecurity – ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29.

The company, a leading player in embedded safety and security, said it has adopted these the INTEGRITY real-time operating system (RTOS) and associated products and services.

For the past many years, Green Hills has been helping electronics manufacturers make and deploy embedded systems at the highest levels of safety and security.

With its compliant products and associated evidence reports for these new regulations, Green Hills will build upon its pedigree as the foundational run-time software provider trusted by OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers for automotive electronics.

By making use of these new security standards, manufacturers can design and deploy secure, purpose-built, software-defined systems in connected vehicles, including highly automated driving, domain controllers, high performance compute clusters, vehicle gateways, keyless entry, telematics, diagnostic connections and electric vehicle charging stations etc.

Vice President of Business Development at Green Hills Software, Dan Mender, said, “ISO/SAE 21434 and WP.29 are valuable additional steps towards protecting connected vehicles from cybersecurity vulnerabilities.”

According to Executive Vice President, IoT & Industrial Technology at VDC Research, Chris Rommel, “Connected cars bring significant risks and rewards to OEMs and their suppliers.”

Security-certified technologies

Green Hills has decades of experience developing and delivering security-certified technologies at the highest levels.

Mender added that adopting these standards expands our offerings to global automotive OEMs and their suppliers bringing the industry’s leading secure software run-time environment to next-generation connected vehicle electronics.

Green Hills has earned a high stature in the industry for supplying security-critical foundational software to companies building life-critical systems like aircraft avionics, vehicle ADAS and medical equipment, and its support of these new cybersecurity standards is noteworthy, added Rommel.

Governmental bodies and independent regulators are working on measures to manage cybersecurity threats throughout a connected vehicle’s lifecycle. Green Hills is partnering with its customers and adopting cybersecurity assessment policies.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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