Blackberry gets Elektrobit support for QNX Software Development Platform to develop latest autonomous vehicle features

Adaptive AUTOSAR solution and QNX Platform offer automakers and Tier 1s with secure, complete and production-ready solution for developing safety-critical ADAS and autonomous features


ElectrobitElektrobit (EB) has announced that EB corbos AdaptiveCore 2 software now supports the BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform 7.1.

EB is a global supplier of embedded and connected software products for the automotive industry. EB said its software supports BlackBerry’s platform for building high-performance computing (HPC)-based automotive architectures.

Certified OS

Elektrobit’s implementation of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform and BlackBerry QNX ISO 26262 ASIL D certified OS and Hypervisor technology provide automakers and Tier 1 suppliers a complete, safe, pre-integrated foundation for developing secure vehicle electronic control units (ECUs).

The elevation of the partnership between the two companies is designed to make it easier for automakers and Tier 1s to develop advanced features and functions related to automated driving, reducing overall time to market.

EB corbos AdaptiveCore 2 software and the QNX Neutrino RTOS seamlessly integrate to provide an architectural base that meets the highest standards of automotive safety.

Christoph Herzog, head of portfolio and product management at Elektrobit, said, “EB and BlackBerry QNX have a long history as collaborators and innovators in embedded automotive software.”

He added: “With this latest partnership, we are bringing together the QNX OS and Elektrobit’s AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform to facilitate and accelerate automakers’ abilities to bring HPC projects to production.”

Grant Courville, vice-president of product management and strategy at BlackBerry QNX, said, “Together, BlackBerry QNX and Elektrobit have a proven production program track record in automotive.”

EB corbos AdaptiveCore 2 is the basic software for running Adaptive AUTOSAR. Designed as safety element out of context (SEooC), it is the core technology for creating safe, secure, flexible, updatable and high-performance ECUs. It provides a holistic software framework according to the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard.

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