Artificial Intelligence expert Intuition Systems foray Into Automotive biz through KAT Motors

The company plans to introduce first automobile solution by 2020

An India-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert – Intuition Systems has forayed into automotive business by forming a brand KAT Motors.

The AI-specialist will develop and test urban commuter automobiles through KAT Motors.

Intuition said it is now spreading wings across Asia-Pacific with IVE-POS line of POS and payment products.

The technology company said that handling transportation has emerged as a huge issue in fast-growing economies like India. The major issues include crowded cities, high pollution, poor logistics. Intuition systems with its expertise in developing AI-based products want to solve some of these problems through its solutions.

Intelligent, semi-autonomous, electric & hybrid, pollution free, cost-effective, reliable urban automobiles designed to serve crowded Indian and Asian cities at present and the future. The first automobile will be introduced by 2020.

Simultaneously, Intuition Systems said it will also test the feasibility of efficient, autonomous airborne consumer transportation vehicles to take the load off Indian roads.