Danlaw partners with NextDroid to support ADAS and AV development validation

Collaboration has tools and domain knowledge to successfully change the ADAS validation mind-set by offering a proven ground truth platform


DanlawDanlaw, Inc. has announced a partnership with NextDroid, Inc. to expand advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) development and validation activities.

While the rapid advancement and complexity of ADAS and AV features require data from numerous vehicle sensors, the existing validation methods tend to be expensive.

Also, they are not scalable and centered around final validation. The tie-up between Danlaw and NextDroid has the tools and domain knowledge to successfully change the ADAS validation mind-set by offering a proven ground truth platform for use throughout feature development and validation.

Thierry Rolina, Senior Account Manager at Danlaw, said, “NextDroid’s Veritas platform will leverage Danlaw’s understanding of modern automotive OEMs architectures to provide support and integration services across advanced heterogeneous sensors.

Making use of 37 years of Danlaw automotive engineering and connected vehicle experience, and the NextDroid Veritas ground truth platform, the partnership will provide automotive OEMs and their tier-one suppliers in the Detroit area with a turn-key ADAS & AV verification and validation capability that transfers quickly from vehicle to vehicle and validates a wide range of ADAS features, components, and SW releases.

Danlaw and NextDroid believe that the use of this platform enables customers to bring features to market with greater safety, in less time and much more cost-effectively than legacy methods.

ADAS & AV systems

Martin Baker at NextDroid, said, “Validation of ADAS and AV systems can be a huge drain on scarce, highly skilled engineering resources that are also needed to develop customer features.”

He added: “Danlaw’s deep vehicle and customer knowledge combined with NextDroid’s end-to-end ground truthing, data logging and data analysis give users a turnkey solution: an industry-leading validation platform with minimal drain on critical engineering resources.”

NextDroid is an intelligent machines start-up in Boston. Its core competencies are in robotics and artificial intelligence.

NextDroid Veritas ground truth platform produces information needed by car makers to validate ADAS and AV components, features and vehicle behavior in the real world.

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