Visteon, ECARX to develop intelligent cockpits

To be built for global automotive industry using Qualcomm Solutions, technology development enhances Visteon’s support to commercialise cockpit connectivity solutions


VisteonVisteon Corporation, ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have announced an initiative to develop intelligent cockpit solutions across conventional and electric vehicle applications.

The three are working together to develop these intelligent technologies and sharing research to commercialize an integrated cockpit project for a variety of vehicle platforms starting in 2021.

According to Sachin Lawande, president and CEO of Visteon, digital content is “the battleground” for OEMs as human interfaces becomes more complex and connected technologies are increasingly important to improve the cockpit.

He added: “Our cooperation with ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies on intelligent cockpits will offer a compelling new digital experience to users. Visteon is pleased with the work we’ve done with ECARX and Qualcomm Technologies. Our teams have undergone rapid development, design and integration together, and are committed to delivering technology and creativity for a high-quality cockpit experience across multiple segments.”

ECARX, as a leading developer of connected car ecosystems, has made significant achievements in revolutionizing the cockpit experience and is making major investments to establish global platforms.

World-class performance

Ziyu Shen, ECARX CEO, said, “Our work with Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies delivers world-class performance of our platform and technology as we expand our presence in the global automotive industry.”

“ECARX has a leading position in China with a strong and unique ecosystem structure, leading HMI, connectivity and infotainment. This is the latest example of a growth strategy that will continue to create new and global business opportunities by engaging the best digital electronics and software talents in our technology industry,” he added.

Thanks to the companies’ expertise and processing power, Visteon and Qualcomm Technologies develop intelligent, platform-based solutions that bring scenario-based, personalized automotive cockpit experiences to drivers.

Visteon will incorporate the third Generation Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms into its next-generation SmartCore cockpit domain control platform, making an infotainment ecosystem that safely delivers integrity-level information to drivers and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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