LIZHI ties up with ECARX for audio content to in-car platforms

Aimed at integrating LIZHI’s in-car audio product into ECARX’s intelligent connected platform


LizhiLIZHI INC., has announced its partnership agreement with ECARX. The coming together of the two companies is aimed at integrating LIZHI’s in-car audio product into ECARX’s intelligent connected platform.

While the former is a leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, the latter is a leading automotive intelligence technology company.

LIZHI said the partnership underlines dedication to exploring the potential of online audio products and services through continuous innovation.

By tapping its advanced AI technologies and extensive podcast content offerings, LIZHI aims to enrich the users’ in-car intelligent connected experiences and reach a broader user base.

The company website of ECARX said ECARX’s intelligent connected system currently has surpassed 2.4 million users, and the number is continuously increasing.

Intelligent connected platform

Through ECARX’s intelligent connected platform, LIZHI’s in-car audio product is expected to be released on various vehicle models equipped with ECARX’s intelligent cockpits.

According to Jinnan (Marco) Lai, founder and chief executive officer of LIZHI, “We are pleased to partner with ECARX to further unleash the advantages of audio in various use scenarios.

With its rich and personalized content offerings backed by advanced AI-empowered recommendation and distribution system, LIZHI aims to enhance ECARX users’ in-car audio experiences while reaching a broader user base via ECARX’s platform, which may enable LIZHI to explore different in-car audio scenarios.”

He added: “We look forward to this collaboration and hope to bring enhanced experiences to our users.”

LIZHI said it is aiming to bring people closer together through voices. Since the launch of its Lizhi app in 2013, it has cultivated a growing community encouraging audio content creation and sharing.

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