FORESEE Automotive enhances driver assistance system safety

Products can meet storage stability requirement of automobiles and perform ideally in ADAS


ForeseeFORESEE brand from Longsys, since the start of 2021, has launched industrial eMMCs, industrial wide-temperature eMMCs, and automotive eMMCs products.

These can meet the storage stability requirement of automobiles and perform ideally in ADAS.

The pros of FORESEE automotive eMMCs are their stability and safety. Thanks to their unique device status monitoring system, automotive eMMCs can greatly simplify host operations and also ensure that the host can use standard commands to check the operational status and lifetime of memory devices at any time.

Because of this, automotive eMMCs can continually monitor storage status, offer early warnings for any issues, and perform maintenance in a time-bound manner.

This safeguards the device and the internal data, and enhances the overall stability of the device. eMMCs are safe in that they are designed to operate in difficult environments.
Industrial eMMCs can operate at temperatures between -25°C and -85°C. Industrial wide-temperature eMMCs, Industrial eMMCs and automotive eMMCs can even operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to -85°C.

Industrial eMMCs and automotive eMMCs by FORESEE also perform well in extreme or harsh environments such as those subject to static electricity and electromagnetic interference.

Apart from their extensive applications in ADAS, the high-standard performance of industrial and FORESEE automotive eMMCs allow for them to be widely used in automotive, industrial, and commercial electronics, including: in-vehicle communication, automotive central control and smart home systems, industrial control platforms, durable home appliances and medical electronics.

Automobile safety

Indicating strong guarantee of automobile safety, ADAS quality must be second-to-none. Memory devices that affect ADAS stability must be tested under difficult environments.

They can be installed in ADAS only after ensuring that memory devices are both secure and reliable.

FORESEE said it maintains high product standards in this regard and makes use of its ingenuity and technical prowess to produce highly reliable storage products.

Also, FORESEE will continue to keep up with the trends of the times and launch new products, all while maintaining product quality.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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