Astraea Software’s new AIs can facilitate engineering design

3D Car Body Synthesis is example of applying 3D shape synthesis to conceptual designs in the automotive manufacturing industry


AstraeaAstraea Software Co., Ltd. has developed AIs that could be served as an aid to engineers in the design phase.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the company said the demo versions of those AIs have been released on its website.

AI applications are increasingly accepted as solutions to enhance the productivity in manufacturing industry.

With Digital Transformation (DX) gaining attention today, it refers to the incorporation of digital technology into a company’s production activities.

Also, an interest in improving business efficiency and quality through AI technology has been growing rapidly.

The 3D Car Body Synthesis is an example of using 3D shape synthesis to conceptual designs in the automotive manufacturing industry, enabling users to experience having AI generate a new car body from other car bodies.

Car bodies

The AI learns the features of the two car bodies and immediately creates a new body with a combination of those features. Designers can create a new car body that fits their taste.

Moreover, since the generated car body is 3D shape data, it can be used to create a mock-up model using a 3D printer or transferred to a 3D CAD system for a more detailed design.

Astraea Software, along with the 3D Car Body Synthesis function, has also unveiled the demo of the 3D Shape Recognition AI.

This allows users to experience the classification of bolt head shapes, pipe shapes and a number of manifold branches. The feature can be used to automate the design process during the detailed design phase.

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