Molex introduces sensor innovations in Automotive Active Noise Cancellation

First road-noise cancelling product in new sensor family enters production, to improve safety and driving experiences


MolexMolex has introduced an accelerometer-based Road Noise Cancelling (RNC) sensor, the first product in a new family of automotive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) sensors.

These sensors by the leading global connectivity and electronics solutions provider, will play a critical role in combatting unwanted road, wind and HVAC car noise while reducing low-frequency sounds that increase driver fatigue.

Carrieanne Piccard, VP and General Manager, Transportation Solutions Business Unit, Molex, said, “As the transition to electrified vehicles intensifies, it will become critical to reduce road noise, which today is masked by internal combustion engines.”

He added: “Our long history in the automotive industry uniquely positions Molex to develop powerful, durable sensor technology that captures and cancels road noises while enabling safe and enjoyable driving experiences.”

Advancements in the electronics industry have enabled ANC technology, more commonly associated with high-end headphones, to transform how car manufacturers address road-based noises.

Insulating car interiors

Instead of installing expensive and heavy sound-absorbing materials to insulate car interiors from excessive road noise, ANC sensors are designed to be installed on a car’s chassis for more accurate and efficient results. Devices mounted to wheel wells and car frames, however, must be built to withstand the harshest conditions.

As per Molex’s recently commissioned “The Future of Automotive Survey,” nine in 10 new cars in 2030 will be hybrid or fully electric. In fact, respondents ranked electrification, connectivity and sensor technology among the most important innovations. They also cited the need for electronics and software to operate in extreme scenarios as a barrier to innovation.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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