Lumentum announces 5 and 6 Junction VCSEL Array Products

Made for advanced consumer, automotive, and other 3D sensing applications, Multi-junction VCSEL arrays meet challenges of new customer applications


LumentumLumentum Holdings Inc has announced new high-power and high-efficiency five and six junction vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) arrays.

According to the leading provider of VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing and LiDAR applications, these new products have been made for advanced consumer, automotive LiDAR, and other 3D sensing applications.

The usage of LiDAR and 3D sensing is expanding into new applications in automotive, consumer electronics and industrial markets.

New functionality and new applications are driving the need for higher power and higher efficiency from smaller form factor devices.

Lumentum said its five and six junction VCSEL arrays enable very high slope efficiencies, much lower power dissipation and record-breaking optical peak powers when compared with existing devices.

Optical powers exceeding 2 W per individual VCSEL emitter have resulted in over 800 W of peak power from a compact one square millimeter sized VCSEL array.

The low thermal dissipation, peak optical power and small die size of these new multi-junction VCSELs arrays are crucial to extending their use to high performance all-solid-state medium and long-range LiDAR.

Dr. André Wong, Vice President of 3D Sensing Product Line Management, said, “Automotive, consumer, and industrial customers increasingly need higher performance VCSEL arrays to drive increased functionality and adoption of LiDAR and 3D sensing enabled products.”

He added: “Our latest multi-junction VCSEL arrays continue our long history of pioneering innovative optical solutions in close collaboration with customers. These new products leverage the well proven high-volume, 6-inch wafer supply that we established more than four years ago.”

Know the products

Multi-junction VCSEL arrays emit at 940 nm and 905 nm and are manufactured on the same production lines as current high-volume VCSEL array products which are serving the consumer electronics market.

Besides these new high-power VCSEL array illuminators, Lumentum also provides a wide variety of optical solutions for 3D sensing, automotive, and LiDAR applications.

These include VCSEL solutions for high-performance Gallium Arsenide, vehicle in-cabin monitoring and Indium Phosphide edge-emitting laser chips for 3D sensing and LiDAR, and 1550 nm narrow-linewidth DBR diode lasers for long-range frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) coherent LiDAR.

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