Continental shows the way for greater sustainability for emission-free Vehicles

As part of the Carbon Neutral for Emission-free Vehicles program, Continental’s emission-free mobility business will be made completely carbon-neutral worldwide from 2022


ContinentalSetting a new trend, Continental has adopted one of the most comprehensive sustainability roadmaps in the vehicle supplier industry.

This will pave the way for a new global industry benchmark. Part of the roadmap relates to emission-free vehicles: from 2022, Continental will make its global business for emission-free buses, cars, trains and other vehicles carbon-neutral.

This covers Continental’s production processes as well as their upstream stages and recycling at the end of use. In this way, the technology company is helping the industry make emission-free mobility completely carbon-neutral.

Dr. Ariane Reinhart, Executive Board member for Human Relations and Sustainability at Continental, said, “With our ambitious sustainability roadmap, we are decisively pursuing the transformation to a sustainable economy. This is the decisive benchmark for us and for the entire mobility industry. While we don’t yet have all the solutions, we are establishing a framework for ourselves and our partners. Sustainability has long been one of the key drivers of innovation at Continental, but now we are taking a major step forward and making it an integral part of our strategy. With our roadmap, we are laying a solid foundation for sustainability like no other company in the supplier industry to date. This will enable us to generate additional profitable growth and competitive advantages.”

He added: “Sustainable business is the future. It is both an expression of an inner attitude and a forward-looking way of thinking. For this reason, the associated milestones are already firmly established in the long-term remuneration system of the Executive Board and managers.”

The company, with its Carbon Neutral for Emission-free Vehicles program, is reinforcing its strong position in the growth market of emission-free mobility.

Comprehensive roadmap

The carbon-neutral vehicles initiative is just one of the first stages of Continental’s comprehensive roadmap for sustainable business practices, which aims to achieve 100 percent carbon neutrality, a 100 percent circular economy, 100 percent emission-free mobility and industry, and 100 percent responsible value chains – all by no later than 2050.

Continental’s Carbon Neutral for Emission-free Vehicles program bridges the gap between emission-free mobility and carbon neutrality – two concepts that are mutually dependent. Emission-free mobility with zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles (ZTEVs, i.e. vehicles without direct drive emissions) must also mean carbon-neutral mobility.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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