Österreichische Postbus picks Solaris as supplier of 182 buses in Austria

3 framework agreements signed for exclusive supply of vehicles which will be used throughout Austria


ÖsterreichischeÖsterreichische Postbus AG has signed a pact with Solaris Bus & Coach for the exclusive supply of up to 182 buses which will be used throughout Austria.

Österreichische Postbus AG, Austria’s largest operator and market leader in regional bus services, has opted for Solaris as a potential supplier of both emission-free and conventionally driven vehicles.

As per the concluded framework agreements, a total of up to 40 hydrogen buses and 142 diesel vehicles of different lengths will be supplied in 2021-2023.

The contracts will be executed in 2021-2023. The vehicles to be acquired will include up to 40 emission-free Urbino 12 hydrogen buses.

This highly advanced and environmentally friendly model has recently become increasingly popular among European carriers.

The remaining vehicles will be equipped with drives meeting the stringent Euro 6 emissions standards. These will include up to 60 Urbino 12, up to 45 Urbino 18 and up to 17 Urbino 8,9 LE buses.

Innovative vehicles

The hydrogen buses are the most innovative vehicles from Solaris’s range. Their features like the reduced vibrations, extremely low-noise levels, and no local emissions, will certainly increase the travel comfort of passengers in Austria.

The energy to power the buses is generated in 70 kW fuel cells. Produced via reverse electrolysis, electric power is transferred directly to the driveline, consisting of an axle with electric motors.

The only by-products generated during this process are heat and steam. In addition, every ordered vehicle will be equipped with a Solaris High Power battery.

The hydrogen needed to propel the bus will be stored in gaseous form in tanks with a total volume of 1560 litres. The tanks are mounted on the roof of the bus.

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