Vitesco supplies actuator module to Renault for electrified transmissions

Gears are shifted by actuator module manufactured by Vitesco Technologies in the dedicated hybrid transmission of the Renault E-Tech platforms


VitescoVitesco Technologies, a leading international manufacturer of modern drive technologies and electrification solutions, is supplying actuator module for electrified transmissions to Renault.

The electrification of the drive system is the most important technological pioneer for locally emission-free, clean and highly efficient mobility. In addition to battery-powered electric vehicles, electrification also enables hybrids.

In hybrid drive trains, the electric drive system works in a close team together with the combustion engine, offering major global benefits in reducing the CO2 fleet emissions of a manufacturer.

Just like the new full hybrid from Renault, where an electrical actuator module from Vitesco Technologies now takes control of the gear changes in the automatic transmission. Renault has integrated the actuator module in its E-Tech platform, which is used for example in the Clio,but also in the Mégane, Arkana or Captur.

Wolfgang Breuer, Executive Vice President Electronic Controls business unit at Vitesco Technologies, said, “CO2 reduced mobility must be affordable before it is rolled out. Electrification in the transmission can play a key role here.”

He added: “We promoted this new method of applying electrification very early on and as an experienced series supplier, we are now able to start production on an industrial scale. The order placed by Renault further consolidates our position in the hybrid drive market.”

For Vitesco Technologies, this means implementing a new technology at large series production level: the automatic transmission for the full hybrid Clio E-Tech is the first dedicated hybrid transmission used by Renault in Europe.

New form of electrification

Thanks to this new form of electrification, a considerable simplification of the mechanical components in the transmission means that it will be possible to offer the full hybrid at the price level of a diesel vehicle with automatic transmission.

As a result, the actuator module for transmission electrification is helping to make hybrid vehicles more attractive for the buyer and allowing better utilization of the CO2savings of hybrid technology. The order includes a three-digit million Euro amount throughout the entire term.

Vitesco Technologies has been successfully developing electronics for automatic transmissions for decades. The company commands a leading global position in the manufacture of transmission control units.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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