Vault Micro’s automotive diagnostics solution clears functional safety examination of ISO 26262

ISO 26262(ASIL B) is an international standard for automotive functional safety established by ISO


VaultVault Micro has said its automotive IP-based diagnostic software, VCS DoIP/UDS passed the functional safety process examination of ISO 26262 (ASIL B).

It is the international standard for functional safety in automobiles from the Korea Association of Process Assessment (KAPA).

ISO 26262(ASIL B) is an international standard for automotive functional safety established by ISO in 2011.

According to Seong-il Kim, Vault Micro CEO, “By passing ISO 26262 functional safety examination, Vault Micro expects to accelerate the acquisition of customers in the automotive digital cluster market.”

He added: “We will continue to expand our diagnostic software ranges by providing verification tools for DoIP/UDS stack and supporting the Adaptive AUTOSAR solution.”

With the demand for the safety performance of automobiles increasing in the global market, it was designed to prevent accidents caused by malfunction of electric and electronic systems installed in vehicles.

What does it mean?

ASIL means Automotive Safety Integrity Level. It is a risk classification system for the functional safety of road vehicles and is measured based on three variables: severity, risk exposure, and controllability.

Functional safety audit is being done to evaluate the development process of software for the safety functions of vehicles.

It makes sure that the software has been developed following the standards required by ISO 26262. Passing the assessment is one of the bases for ISO 26262 certification.

Through this, Vault Micro paved the way for supplying precision diagnostics software to the devices related to various vehicle safety functions of global automobile companies.

With the recent rapid increase in communication data throughput in vehicles, automobile manufacturers are adopting Ethernet as a communication standard for automobiles. Accordingly, the need for Ethernet-based standard DoIP(Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) and UDS(Unified Diagnostic Services) complying with vehicle diagnostic standards ISO 13400 and ISO 14229 has increased.

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