Scania India unveils cutting-edge G 500 super truck at EXCON 2023

Engineered to meet the toughest emission standards globally, the G500 Super boasts a low-emission, biodiesel/FAME-compatible engine in the 500-horsepower range, making it the epitome of fuel efficiency.

Scania IndiaScania India presents the G500 8×4 Super Heavy Tipper, a ground-breaking addition to its fleet of mining tippers. Unveiled at EXCON 2023 in Bengaluru, India, this powerful and eco-friendly truck sets a new standard for the mining and transport sector.

Demonstrating its global efficacy, achieving an 8% fuel savings, Scania’s Super engine takes the lead in addressing the industry’s dual challenge of emission reduction and profitability. Scania Super is also a winner of the Green Truck Award for the year 2022.

The G500 Super powered by XT promises a SUPER Horsepower with the highest torque offering on the market, a New G33 Heavy-duty Gearbox, a robust 395L steel Fuel tank with Fuel optimization unit, a New chassis composition generation, 40% Stronger powertrain, robustness specifically developed for Mining, and higher safety margins on critical components.

Johan P Schlyter, Managing Director of Scania Commercial Vehicles India expressed his excitement about the G500 Super, stating, “This launch signifies a new era in Mining, combining cutting-edge technology, unmatched performance, and eco-friendly design. The G 500 Super is not just a vehicle; it’s a revolution, redefining standards and setting new benchmarks in the industry.”

Highlighting the commitment to innovation and sustainability, The Scania Super delivers industry leading brake thermal efficiency levels of 50%, representing our ambition towards a zero-carbon transport system. This mining tipper not only redefines efficiency but also contributes significantly to environmental goals.

As the transport sector in India expecting the positive impact of this revolutionary product, Scania reaffirms its dedication to shaping the future of Mining and Transport Industry in India.

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