Cummins India showcases its next gen emission-ready power solutions at CII EXCON 2023

Indigenous products, tailored for India market, supported by a dependable and extensive pan-India network for aftermarket parts and services.

Cummins India, one of the top power solutions technology providers, showcases its Make in India, next-generation fuel-agnostic engine solutions designed for off-highway construction operations at CII EXCON 2023 that is scheduled at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)  from December 12-16.

For the Indian construction industry, Cummins is offering two new fuel-efficient and low-emission engines – the Legend L10 and M15 developed on fuel-agnostic architecture. The company is also exhibiting its Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE) as a part of its fuel-agnostic platform.

Anjali Pandey, Chief Operating Officer, Cummins Group in India, said, The products that will be showcased at EXCON-2023 underscore our commitment to powering an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat,’ by providing indigenous solutions tailored for both domestic and global markets.

Nitin Jirafe, Vice President, Engine Business, Cummins Group in India, further added, “The introduction of the 10-Liter electronic engine platform provides end users with a locally manufactured product that will cater to a wide variety of applications.”

The range of products that will be on display at the tradeshow include-

Cummins IndiaM15 diesel engine 

The Cummins non-emission M15 diesel engine features an electronic fuel system designed to enhance fuel economy and drivability for operators. The engine boasts of low Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) and is upgradeable to higher emission norms. Backed by an advanced Extra High-Pressure (XPI) fuel system, a new Electronic Control Module (ECM), and software, it’s suitable for applications like >1300 cubic feet per minute (cfm) Compressors, Dump Trucks, >80T Excavators and others.

L10 diesel engine  

The L10 diesel engine with up to 454 hp (338kW) output extends heavy-duty robustness down to a 10-liter displacement. The key benefits of this engine include improved productivity over legacy mechanical engines, significantly higher fuel efficiency, and increased oil drain intervals, leading to lower downtime and maintenance costs. Moreover, the electronic control interface provides better control over the engine’s response to load demand. This engine is befitting for applications like 900 cfm to 1250 cfm Compressor, 65T to 80T Excavators, and others.

B6.7H – Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine 

The B6.7H hydrogen engine with up to 290 hp (216 kW) output and 1200 Nm peak torque features cutting-edge technology with diesel-like performance on thermal efficiency and power density. When paired with green hydrogen it emits zero carbon, making it a suitable product for a sustainable future. Developed on a fuel-agnostic platform, it provides customers with the flexibility to quickly adapt and offer varied fuel options.

 B6.7 and B4.5

With 60+ years of providing efficient and dependable engines, Cummins will be also displaying its highest-selling B6.7 (173 to 260 hp) / (129kW to 194kW) engine, known for excellent performance, reliability, and Total Cost of Operation (TCO) in this power range, and B4.5 (121 to 173 hp)/ (90kW to 129kW) engine with the best-in-class fluid economy.

 Single Module Aftertreatment System 

Cummins is also showcasing its ultra-high efficiency aftertreatment system 9-inch (0.229 Meters) Single Module™. This innovative system is up to 70% smaller and 40% lighter compared to systems with similar architectures. It offers improved NOx conversion efficiency that removes over 99% of all particulate matter (PM) by weight and count. The product is optimized with a liquid-only, freeze-robust UL2.2 dosing system, which significantly improves reliability. ‘Made in India’ with over 70% localized components, this product readily adapts to a variety of applications as it is available in catalyst diameters ranging from 5.66 inches (0.144 meters) to 13 inches (0.330 meters).

Cummins IndiaAftermarket

Cummins aftermarket is showcasing the Funnel Fuel Filters, a new heavy-duty, fast-flow filter designed to separate free water and harmful contamination from gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and kerosene.

Another cutting-edge innovation on display, the ‘Fuel Sure Kit’, enables on-the-spot identification of adulterated fuel in the field, thereby saving valuable time and resources. With the Fuel Sure Kit, customers can confidently ensure that every drop of fuel is safe for the health of both the engine and (Selective Catalytic Reduction) SCR. Additionally, Consumables, Genuine Parts, and Overhaul Kits will also be on display.

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