Liquefied gas truck from Scania cuts emissions

New truck and trailer combination features latest technology to reduce carbon emissions while ensuring reliable food deliveries


LiquefiedScania has said its liquefied gas truck with hybrid temperature control system cuts emissions.

The new truck and trailer combination of Finnish haulier Transport Harri Mikkola features the latest technology to minimise carbon emissions while ensuring reliable food deliveries.

Apart from switching to a liquefied biogas powered Scania G 410, transport Harri Mikkola has installed a hybrid temperature control system in the tractor unit.

These systems have traditionally been powered by diesel and because it is a hybrid, that is still possible when the engine cannot idle, such as in terminals.

Teemu Mikkola, Transport Director at the company, said, “This is Finland’s first hybrid temperature control system in a tractor. While the engine is running, the system is powered by a generator installed in the engine, which means that it runs on electricity.”

Lidl Suomi’s Project Manager Aki Vanhanen, said, “The 25-metre truck and trailer combination has been operating for food retailer Lidl since September 2020. “We aim to have at least 20 percent of our transports operate on low-carbon fuels by 2025. Biogas is a good option at the moment and we intend to add more gas-powered vehicles in the coming years.”

Experience speaks

Transport Harri Mikkola’s experience after the first month seems to be good. According to Teemu, “the truck is quiet and driver friendly, and fuel costs are lower than with a conventional diesel combination.”

“Fuel consumption for the temperature control system has also decreased. It previously required about two litres an hour, but now we’ve reduced that by at least one litre,” Teemu added.

It is worth nothing that the same delivery route that earlier was carried out with a 500 hp diesel truck is now operated with the gas-powered Scania G 410 with total weight ranging from 40 to 60 tonnes.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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