Vitesco cuts emissions in high-voltage hybrid vehicles

Key technology to avoid cold engine start emissions; Highly efficient new electronics supply electricity to catalyst heating discs


VitescoVitesco Technologies is now into manufacturing electrical catalyst heating available in high-voltage hybrid vehicles too.

Courtesy a new DC/DC converter, the heating discs of the electrically heated EMICAT catalyst can now also be supplied with electricity in high-voltage vehicles.

It is already being used in vehicles with a pure combustion engine or in mild hybrids.
The novel use of heating technology in the high-voltage sector is an extension of its existing product range of the leading international supplier of modern powertrain technologies and electrification solutions.

The e-catalyst enables lowest emissions in real operation – something that is becoming increasingly important in light of forthcoming regulations such as Euro 7.

Klaus Hau, Executive Vice President of the Sensing & Actuation business unit at Vitesco Technologies, said, “Efficient electrification requires intelligent solutions. The perfect combination of our tried-and-tested EMICAT heated catalyst and our new DC/DC converter reduces real emissions in critical situations, namely when the combustion engine is restarted.”

He added: “With the converter for electrical catalyst heating in plug-in hybrids, we are making an additional option for electrification available to the market.”

For hybrid vehicles

Hybrid Vehicles utilise their potential for carbon dioxide savings by shutting off the combustion engine as often as possible and using electric power instead.

This results in longer operating pauses in the combustion engine during which the vehicle does not emit carbon dioxide. During these phases, the engine cools down.

If required and restarted, the exhaust flow is also cold at first – possibly too cold to convert pollutant gases in the catalyst.

Consisting of heating disc and DC/DC converter, the system solution upgrades exhaust-gas aftertreatment systems for even stricter emission standards worldwide in the future.

Vitesco Technologies is one of the very few suppliers worldwide to offer the full range of software, electronics and system integration for powertrain electrification.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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