ČEZ, ŠKODA expand photovoltaic systems at Mladá Boleslav plant

ŠKODA commissions ČEZ with construction and operation of the largest roof photovoltaic system in the Czech Republic


ČEZŠKODA AUTO CEO Thomas Schäfer and Daniel Beneš, CEO of the ČEZ Group have decided to expand collaboration between ŠKODA AUTO and energy supplier ČEZ.

The energy required for the manufacture of vehicles and components at ŠKODA AUTO’s Czech plants will come entirely from renewable sources from the second half of this decade.

The upcoming joint project between ŠKODA AUTO and ČEZ is the construction of the largest roof photovoltaic system in the Czech Republic, which is set to be connected to the grid at ŠKODA AUTO’s headoffice in Mladá Boleslav later in 2021.

According to Schäfer, “As a global car manufacturer, we take our responsibility for the climate and the environment very seriously and are implementing long-term measures as part of our GreenFuture strategy.”

He added: “We are pushing ahead with the development of energy-efficient and zero-emission vehicles, for example, and are converting our entire vehicle and component production to carbon-neutral energies. I am delighted that we will have the ČEZ Group and especially our long-standing energy supplier ŠKO-ENERGO as strong and committed partners at our side.”

Daniel Beneš, CEO of ČEZ, said: “ČEZ is the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources in the Czech Republic and we focus intensively on their development. We are also the largest operator of charging points for electric vehicles.”

“Just as the future of transport is electric, the future of energy is zero-emission. Working closely together, we are providing ŠKODA AUTO with our expertise to jointly realise our ambitious goals for sustainable development,” he added.

Sustainably generated electricity

It is to be noted that part of the sustainably generated electricity at ŠKODA AUTO comes from photovoltaic systems. At the end of 2019, the company put a solar-power rooftop installation with a rated output of 441 kWp (kilowatts peak) on its Service Centre in Kosmonosy.

ČEZ ESCO, which also has a stake in energy supplier ŠKO-ENERGO, was one of the firms responsible for implementing this project.

ŠKODA is the majority shareholder in ŠKO-ENERGO, supplier all of the carmaker’s Czech production sites with energy and is also a partner in different energy projects.

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