Cartesy survey by Ford highlights greater need for traffic rules awareness

Study calls for steps to make roads safer and Saner, reveals lack of traffic rule awareness among Indian road users


CartesyCartesy survey by Ford has revealed many shocking details, besides calling for greater awareness among the general public on traffic rule awareness.

The third edition of the study analysed attitude and behaviour of road users and classifies them in four distinct personality types: Assured, Pretentious, Oblivious & Idealist.

The survey has revealed that there is a lack of traffic rule awareness among Indian road users; only 6 per cent of respondents scored more than 50 per cent on questions simulating a driving license test

As per the results, every second commuter surveyed admitted to laxity in compliance with traffic rules, exercising enough caution in ensuring safety on road and lacking compassion to help others.

While 58 per cent of respondents admitted to distracted driving, including using mobile phones; 63 per cent disregarded children’s safety and considered it okay to seat them in the front row.

The cities of Kolkata and Chennai boast the most ideal road users among six metro cities; two cities also scored the highest on three-tier Cartesy framework of Compliance, Caution & Compassion.

Majority respondents with driving licence feigned ignorance of basic traffic rules. Only one in 10 respondents attributed the lack of knowledge about rules as a potential risk to road safety.

31 Questions

In a 31-question simulation of traffic rules, less than a third (27 per cent) scored over 40 per cent and an abysmally low 6 per cent of them got more than 50 per cent answers right.

On an average, close to half of the commuters admitted to not displaying ideal behaviour that adheres to Compliance, Caution, and Compassion.

As per the survey, 53 per cent respondents confessed they don’t always make way for emergency vehicles like an ambulance or fire truck. While, 57 per cent do not mind throwing eatables, empty wrappers and fruit peels on the road.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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