Abalta announces compatibility of Genius Maps navigation

Application will sync with WebLink enabled in-vehicle infotainment systems


AbaltaAbalta Technologies has announced the compatibility of Genius Maps navigation application with WebLink enabled in-vehicle infotainment systems.

A leading provider of technology and infotainment solutions for the global connected car market, Abalta Technologies’ WebLink is a popular smartphone projection system in emerging markets.

With more than three million WebLink enabled units, Abalta’s WebLink creates a safe and premium in-vehicle experience that is accessible and easy to use.

By integrating Genius Maps with WebLink, drivers with a supported car radio or headunit can enjoy simple, seamless access to a premium navigation experience directly from their vehicle’s touch screen.

Now available in more than 130 countries, Genius Maps comprises the world leading HERE maps, is eminently easy to use and offers a large variety of important features.

All that drivers need to do is to install the Genius Maps application version 3.0.5 or newer on their compatible smartphone and connect it with a compatible WebLink enabled headunit.

Once it is enabled, the driver will have full turn-by-turn voice instructions with offline and online maps including automatic rerouting, live traffic, speed limit alerts, lane assistance etc.

Frank Gonzalez, Vice President of Products at Abalta Technologies, said, “We are excited to be working with Mireo to bring the Genius Maps navigation experience to our WebLink customers. One of the most important tasks for a driver is getting to their destination quickly, safely, and efficiently. Genius Maps provides a complete suite of navigation services to address the needs of the driver.”

Beneficial for drivers

According to Davor Knez, Head of Business Development at Mireo, “We are glad that cooperation between Abalta Technologies and Mireo proved to be successful and beneficial for drivers. Seamless Genius Maps – WebLink integration will allow drivers to have a premium automotive-grade GPS navigation on their existing radios or head units.”

He added: “This way, thanks to advanced technologies, users are poised for smooth and safe onboard navigation with minimal driving disruption.”

Genius Maps will be available on WebLink-supported radios and head units. The versions are Genius Maps 3.0.5 or newer and WebLink Host app 2.8 or newer.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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