Car Keys Express launches automated retail cutting machine

Keys Now duplicates all types of popular keys and eliminates difficult key cutting processes


Car KeysCar Keys Express has released Keys NOW! retail key cutting machine to make key cutting easy for retailers.

The automated key machine from the US-based global player in automotive key replacement is easy to use, and every store employee can immediately cut keys like an expert, without training.

Mike Bliss, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “Retail key programs are out-of-date and far too complex. Store associates have told us they’re afraid of cutting expensive car keys.”

Bliss added: “We set out to develop a fully-automated machine that’s simple enough for any store associates to use immediately. Keys NOW! does all the work, so now every store associate can make keys without any special expertise.”

Simplifies key cutting

According to the company, Keys NOW! is a revolutionary automated car and house key duplication machine that simplifies key cutting for retailers.

It’s the only key machine that cuts both car keys and house keys in a fully-automated, single device that any associate can operate.

“It is as easy to use as a microwave oven—open the door, insert the key, and stand back. Keys NOW! does the rest,” Car Keys Express said and added that Keys NOW! comes complete with an integrated inventory storage system.

Retailers enjoy incremental sales, high margins and increased foot traffic, while offering consumers an easier, less expensive alternative to a dealership service appointment.

Car Keys Express chief executive officer Mark Lanwehr stated, “At Car Keys Express, our stated goal is to make replacing car keys simple, and with Keys NOW!, we’ve succeeded. This level of simplicity and automation has never been seen in our industry. But it doesn’t stop there. Our Keys NOW! Vending Machine coming later this year offers even more automation, giving retailers a true consumer DIY option.”

Keys NOW! is currently being rolled out at select retailers.

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