Continental bags three CES 2021 awards including for Trailer Technology, Advanced Radar Sensor

Transparent Trailer technology, Advanced Radar Sensor (ARS), Ac2ated Sound partnership selected for honours, This year’s recognitions mark Continental’s eighth CES Innovation Award and fifth consecutive year


ContinentalContinental has bagged three CES 2021 Innovation Honoree Awards. The company’s Transparent Trailer technology and its Advanced Radar Sensor (ARS) 540 were awarded in the Vehicle Intelligence and Transportation product category.

The tech firm’s Ac2ated sound partnership was recognized in the In-Vehicle Entertainment and Safety category.

According to Samir Salman, CEO, Automotive Technologies, Continental North America, “It’s always special to be recognized among the revolutionary products in the CES Innovation Awards.”

He added: “The selections not only speak to the value of our technologies, but also to the dedication of our team members globally who are constantly pushing to create new, noteworthy solutions for our customers. Recognitions like this inspire us to push further to see what additional mobility and safety solutions we can develop for the future.”

Continental was selected for the honours by a panel of independent expert judges – including industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media – to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting-edge consumer electronics products across 28 categories.

The Transparent Trailer technology extends Continental’s trailering portfolio to allow drivers to “see through” a trailer in haul and check the area behind and beside it.

The technology, based on Continental’s Surround View system, enables safer driving while towing. Two cameras and a control unit work together to provide a panoramic view that renders the trailer virtually invisible.

Live feed for drivers

The result is a seamless live feed for drivers to see the road and any obstacles behind the trailer.

Continental’s ARS 540 is the first production-ready 4D image radar. It supports automated driving systems all the way from partial to full automation.

While previous systems were only capable of capturing information on range, speed and azimuth angle, the ARS 540’s long-range radar sensor calculates an object’s location in addition to range, speed and azimuth angle also with its elevation to create a precise map of the driving environment up to 300 meters.

Especially, the elevation measuring capability of the radar sensor allows the most varied of objects, even relatively small objects, to be detected even more precisely. Moreover, the extended capability allows the ARS 540 to provide high-resolution detail for object identification to manage complex driving scenarios, even in adverse lighting and weather conditions, and at higher speeds.

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