Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus witnesses world premiere

Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric is the first electric bus from Solaris pitched for both urban and intercity transport.


Solaris Urbino 15 LE electricSolaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus, a new electric model in the Solaris bus portfolio witnessed its premiere.

It is the first electric bus from the European bus major pitched for both urban and intercity transport.

Urbino 15 LE electric makes it possible for operators to plan zero-emission routes not only within the city but also beyond. This bus will be also an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative for diesel vehicles currently used in that segment.

On October 20, 2020, the online premiere of an electric novelty from Solaris – a 15-meter battery bus – took place.


The key attraction of the Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus is 300 kW electric motor. To boost efficiency and to reduce energy consumption even further, the propulsion was made in the SIC technology, i.e. by using silicon carbide-based circuits.

The motor is liquid-cooled, whereas the driving power is transmitted to the second axle of the vehicle. Energy derived from a set of 6 batteries, with a total capacity of 470 kWh, is fed into the propulsion system. While four packs have been installed in the rear of the vehicle, the remaining two have been mounted on the roof.

The latest generation Solaris High Energy plus batteries has ranges of up to a few hundred kilometres on a single charge. The batteries in the new bus  can be recharged in fast mode, using a pantograph – both a conventional, roof-mounted one, as well as an inverted one, lowered onto the bus roof at the charging station.

In addition, each model of the tri-axle electric bus is equipped with a plug-in connector for recharging vehicles on the premises of a bus depot.

For the clients’ convenience, the vehicle maker has devised four options of placing the charging plug-in in a bus. It can be placed above the first axle in the left or right part of the bus, in the front of it or in its back.

The air-conditioned interior of the vehicle holds 53 seats that offer a relaxing and pleasant ride. There are also two additional folding seats. Two seats in the bus are fitted with ISOFIX – i.e. a system that enables the securing of a child seat. It may be noted that in the two-door version the Urbino 15 LE electric can hold up to 65 proper seats.

The infrastructure of the Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric is designed in line with ITxPT standards. Three large screens shall ensure legible information for passengers. The bus is fully adapted to be integrated with the company’s own remote fleet management system, dubbed eSConnect.

The interactive driver’s panel with touch screens consists several advanced security functions. Starting with seatbelt fastening warnings, automatically switched on lights and windscreen  wipers, wide-angle cameras in lieu of side mirrors and the active driver assistance system Mobileye Shield+ are a few notable ones.

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