Nexteer Automotive launches ‘high-output’ electric power steering system

New EPS would deliver advanced safety and comfort features


Nexteer AutomotiveNexteer Automotive has unveiled ‘high-output’ EPS (Electric Power Steering). The company said the new EPS would deliver advanced safety and comfort features while improving fuel efficiency for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) and Heavy-Duty (HD) trucks. 

According to Nexteer, with the ability to drive these vehicle types electrically, those behind the wheels of heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles can gain from savings of fuel and from features such as lane keep assist, crosswind compensation, trailer assist etc.

At present, most of heavy duty trucks and light commercial vehicles market are using hydraulic power steering (HPS) systems. High-Output Electric Power Steering System gives automobile OEMs a chance to differentiate their HD trucks and LCVs in a competitive marketplace.

Robin Milavec, Senior Vice President, Executive Board Director, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Nexteer Automotive, says, “With Nexteer Automotive’s High-Output EPS system, large vehicles like heavy-duty trucks can now be steered with an electric system instead of a hydraulic one — opening the door for EPS’s advanced safety, comfort and fuel efficiency while staying true to the truck brand’s steering feel.”

He adds: “As a steering specialist and the global leader in steering technologies for trucks, Robin Milavec said, the company never satisfied with the status quo, which is why it continue to push research and development activities that continuously improve EPS offerings and benefit OEM customers and drivers.”


High-Output EPS can also be used on heavy electric vehicles. Till a few years ago, steering up to 24 kN of load on a 12-volt electrical system would have been thought to be unachievable, but now that is possible with High-Output EPS.

Till now, Nexteer said it has booked three electric applications for High-Output EPS. These include a full-size electric pick-up truck, an electric LCV (delivery van) and an electric autonomous Level 4 people mover (with no steering wheel).

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