Toyota Kirloskar wins Golden Peacock award for energy efficiency

TKM sourced 88% of electricity from renewable source of energy for its operations in Bidadi facility in FY 2018-19.


Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) was honoured with the “Golden Peacock Award for Energy Efficiency’ for the year 2019. The Award was presented by Karnataka Revenue Minister R V Deshpande to TKM Mangement during IOD India’s “21st World Congress on ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT” held in Bengaluru.

TKM has won this recognition for its initiatives promoting ‘Energy Efficiency’ improvement. The vehicle maker was awarded for its commitment towards creation of climate resilient societyas guided by Toyota’s Global Environment Challenge 2050.

The Toyota Environment Challenge 2050 is developed in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, targets to have new vehicle zero CO2 emissions; zero CO2 emissions throughout vehicle lifecycle, plants with zero CO2; challenge of minimizing and optimizing water usage; establishing a recycling based society and system and establishing a future society in harmony with nature. It is aligned with United Nations 17 Universal Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs] and has partnered with various international organizations to support the global warming countermeasures to achieve the ‘below 2 degree’ temperature goal.

TKM’s Senior Vice President and Environment Director Raju B Ketkale said, “We have been consistently working towards reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources. In October 2018, we achieved 100% renewable power source for our energy requirements. TKM successfully sourced 88% of electricity from renewable source of energy for its operations in Bidadi facility in the financial year 2018-19.This has avoided the emissions of 68,121 tons tons of CO2. Through such significant goals.”

In the fiscal 2018-19, 76% of the Water consumed in the Manufacturing Facility was recycled water and only 7% of fresh water was consumed.

Toyota has installed in-house solar power plants at roof tops and ground in its facility at Bidadi, which has a combined capacity of 8.4 MW of electricity. TKM has explored various possible avenues to increase its renewable energy share including in-house solar parks, outside solar parks, open access sourcing etc. The renewable energy sourcing has increased from 15% in FY 15-16 to 65% in FY 17-18 & achieved 88% in FY18-19. Now the company is looking forward to achieve 100% by September 2019.