Ather Energy hosts Warp vs Petrol, an event for motorcycle and racing enthusiasts

Event to allow petrol heads to fully experience Warp mode of the Ather 450X, company, invites applicants for future challenges


AtherAther Energy recently hosted Warp vs Petrol, an event organised for racing and motorcycle enthusiasts to experience the Warp mode of Ather 450X on a racetrack and to push its limits.

According to the country’s first intelligent electric scooter manufacturer, unlike most traditional automobile events, this one gave the motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to experience the performance of an electric vehicle when compared to the big motorcycles they already love and ride.

Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy, stated, “Most of the petrol heads think electric vehicles lack performance and are a ‘soft option’. Through warp vs petrol, we wanted to create an opportunity for them to experience the instant power and fun of riding an electric vehicle.”

He added: The warp mode of Ather 450X is super responsive, engaging and fun to ride with, just like any other high-powered and high-performance two wheeler. We would love to recreate this event across the country and look forward to more riding enthusiasts being able to experience the thrill of the Ather 450X.

Six internal combustion engine-driven motorcycles – 250cc Sport, 250cc Dirt, 390cc Sport, 390cc ADV, 400cc ADV and 650CC Classic were pitted against the Ather 450X at this event.

The event was held at Aruani Grid, Sarjapur in Bengaluru. It brought together seven riders with varied experiences, including stunt bikers, professional rally riders, auto journalists along with veteran auto enthusiast and founder of Indimotard Adventure, Anand Dharmaraj

They pitted their bikes against the Ather 450X in a series of intense and fun challenges. The challenges included a an obstacle and slalom course, 100-meter drag race, culminating with a 4×1500 meter relay race.

The event was not planned as a competition, but to give hardcore bikers and auto enthusiast a feel of what an electric vehicle is capable of. The unexpected pairing of a 650CC vehicle against a 125CC electric scooter, besides stunning the bikers, also brought a sense of disbelief on the performance of the ATHER 450X, said the company.

From skepticism to optimism

The day started with skepticism, including questions like ‘Are you sure an electric scooter belongs at a race track?’. And it concluded with disbelief on the part of the riders, who experienced first-hand just how well an electric scooter matched up to more powerful machines.

Participants ended the day taking dozens of additional laps on the Ather 450X even after the challenges were completed. It managed to bag positions in top 5 for most of the races including a very close 3rd in the obstacle race.

Ather Energy is planning to host similar challenges across the country to give petrol heads a chance to challenge the Ather 450X.

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