Hyundai promises more with new i20

Developed by incorporating Human Centric Engineering & Design for quality and convenience


Hyundai i20Hyundai Motor India Ltd has displayed its manufacturing expertise through the all-new i20. The carmaker said its latest offering is a masterpiece of ‘Human Centric Engineering’.

The new i20 has been created through prudent use of Industry 4.0 and Automation, Hyundai said.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd Director – Production Ganesh Mani S said, “As an organisation that is committed to giving customers quality time, our focus has remained on ensuring supreme levels of manufacturing excellence.”

He said this has culminated well in the latest version of i20, delivering robust and reliable performance. “With our 24-year rich manufacturing heritage of ‘Make in India’, the all-new i20 is yet another benchmark brand from Hyundai that is an edge above the rest,” Ganesh Mani added.

Robust Superstructure

With an extensive application of 66 per cent high-strength and advanced steel, Hyundai has developed a robust superstructure to improve crash worthiness and make the car lighter.

This structure is made using 5,400 tons stamping at the Press Shop Incorporating, which is an Online Condition Monitoring systems to supervise machine vibration.

Hyundai said it has used ‘High quality grade coils’ for sculpturing aesthetics and modern look of the all-new i20.

The i20’s futuristic and dynamic appeal is created at the Body Shop on the Global Body Build Line. The all-new i20 is processed in seamless automation line that features 72 Robots ensuring the conformity to supreme quality standards and long lasting stylish and glossy looks.

The latest i20 underwent road test on 18 drive tracks for various driving conditions as well as a unique leak test that is equivalent to driving through rain/water pressure that exceeds the heaviest recorded monsoons, with a shower condition of 60mm per minute or 3,600mm per hour at a pressure of 3bar.

(With inputs from Automotive Lead Research Team)

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