Coaire to showcase compressor solutions in Busworld India 2018

Coaire is working with many OEM’s for critical applications and has simple solutions to complicated problems

Coaire, one of the first companies in the world to accomplish perfection in Oil-free scroll air compressors, will showcase its products and solutions for the bus industry at the forthcoming Busworld India 2018.

The eighth edition of Busworld India 2018 is an international b2b bus and coach trade fair that is scheduled between August 29-31 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in Bangalore.

From its Stall No. 146 in Busworld India 2018 expo, Coaire will be showcasing its latest technology driven productions and solutions for the bus industry.

Visit Coaire at Stall No. 146 in Busworld India 2018

According to Coaire,  Oil-free compressed air is the aim for every application. The company said it is  actively involved in transport and railways segments in South Korea. They have jointly developed compressed air solutions with Korean Rail Road Research Institute for electric buses and Light Rails. They are currently involved in such projects arround the world.

Scroll technology uses very less components and is more reliable than any other type of compressors.  They have very less consumables and have longer service interval. Oil injected or lubricated compressor inherits all the oil related complications. Coaire Oil free Scroll compressors are perfect for Electric buses and Light rails.

Coaire has various solutions for Electric buses.  The company said it is offering Belt, direct drive or only the airend alone. Most of Electric bus manufactures find it a perfect fit for their electric buses due to various factors like :

1)            No oil in the system.

2)            Very less components when compared to conventional type of compressors.

3)            Vey less consumable when compared to conventional type of compressors.

4)            Air cooled and no additional cooling medium required.

5)            Less vibration when compared to conventional type of compressors.

6)            Very quiet operation.

7)            Continuous Duty.

Coaire is first again to develop a single airend of 10 HP. This is an answer to various critical applications. Currently, Coaire is working with many OEM’s for critical applications. Coaire said it has simple solutions to complicated problems.

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