Electric Tesla Semi Truck to enter Middle East through Bee’ah

Bee’ah is first organization to order Tesla Semi trucks in the Middle East

Middle East based environmental management company Bee’ah is purchasing the first and largest fleet of Tesla Semi trucks in the Middle East.

The announcement has been made in-line with Bee’ah’s participation at the “World Future Energy Summit”, which takes place in Abu Dhabi from January 15-18 2018.

Bee’ah has placed an order for 50 of the Tesla’s revolutionary all-electric vehicles immediately after their launch on November 16 to underline its steadfast commitment to sustainability across its entire operations.

The incoming Tesla Semi trucks that will be produced in 2019 will primarily be used for waste collection and transportation and added to Bee’ah’s growing fleet of vehicles, which currently stands at 1,000 in numbers 50 electric Tesla Semi trucks will arrive on the roads of UAE from 2020

Bee’ah’s latest involvement with automaker, energy storage, and solar panel company Tesla isn’t its first. Earlier this year, the organization made a major investment with Tesla to fit the company’s world-leading Powerpack battery technology at Bee’ah’s spectacular, state-of-the-art net zero energy headquarter complex, which is currently under construction.