Igus India chalks strong future growth plans on successful 20 years

Launch of more than 180 new products from its innovative “virtual” show booth to support growth


IMPS booth Igus IndiaIgus, Motion Plastics giant, has announced a growth plan and strategy in the backdrop of 20 years of its operations in India.

As the 9th largest market globally and the 3rd largest market in the APAC region, igus India has consistently been recording double digit growth during the past many years, except the pandemic year. In the current year, the company is growing at 30% above the previous record year on average.

igus India hopes to double its revenues to Rs 300 crore in the next 3-4 years. Among a host of plans to drive growth in the next phase, igus India has introduced a “virtual show booth” replete with its entire set of products which is available for customers to be viewed, tried and tested both through virtually and physically.

The innovative virtual booth targets to provide customers an immersive experience similar to a face-to-face expo with an option to interact with product experts.

Virtual trade show

The first such innovative virtual trade show was set up at igus’s global headquarters in Cologne, Germany. After this successful event spanning 400 sq.m in Germany that hosted more than 100,000 visitors from across the world, igus India creates its own IMPS virtual show booth exclusively for its customers in the Indian Sub-continent.

Deepak Paul, Managing Director. Igus India
Deepak Paul, Managing Director. Igus India

Deepak Paul, Managing Director, igus India said, “India is one of the key markets in the world for igus, occupying one among the top 10 positions. With businesses chugging back to normalcy and the buoyancy in the economy on its way to returning it to the hey days, the path ahead looks promising as manufacturers look for cost effective ways to drive their businesses.”

To support them, Paul said that Igus India has chalked out a multi-pronged strategy to drive growth and support businesses achieve their growth objectives, one of them being an immediate addition of 10,000 sq.ft with the intention of starting injection moulding in India which has been a longstanding wish from the Indian customers.

Santhosh K Jacob, Country Manager, Director, Igus India
Santhosh K Jacob, Country Manager, Director, Igus India

According to Santhosh Jacob, Country Manager and Director, Igus India said, “Igus India’s investment of nearly Rs 2 Million into The Igus Motion Plastic Show (IMPS) is yet another innovative offering to enable customers visiting the virtual stall to not only witness new products, product extensions and new service offerings, but also interact with an igus’s product experts who can share more insights, global experience and also directly discuss their relevant applications of interest virtually.”

“Coupled with the possibility of on-line lifetime calculations and option to order and pay on-line and get delivery starting from 24 hours, igus truly would like to work towards being the easiest company to work with,” Jacob added.

Stephen Moreno Simpson, International Group Development, Igus GmbH added, “igus products are manufactured in accordance with its guiding principle – plastics for longer life. Our investment in the virtual trade show comes at a time when buoyancy to the manufacturing segment is returning and augurs well with the plans that we have envisioned for India”.

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